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About Us

Welcome to Mobile Motion Lab, where we redefine the landscape of functional assessment . MML brings the benefits of high-end motion laboratories to every practitioner using cutting-edge mobile technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Our vision extends beyond the fitness and wellness sector, aspiring to set a new standard in the low end of the medical sector. We aim to offer a comprehensive functional assessment, aiding in prevention, well-being maintenance, and professional training to preserve and develop quality of life.

Our Story

MML was founded in 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, opening our first lab, laying the groundwork for innovation. The same year the core algorithms and MVP software was developed.
Over the years, a dynamic narrative unfolded. By 2018, NN Insurance Group Sparklab’s incubation and validation with Budapest University of Technology department of Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering Informatics (MOGI) solidified our core concept. 2019 brought fundraising success, with an investment from BNL Start Partners in 2020 when the new cloud based version of the MML application got created. The following years witnessed resilience amid challenges – co-founders’ departure, a revamped core team in 2021, and the impact of a global lockdown. Undeterred, MML evolved in 2022 with market testing, strategic redesigns, and the launch of our mobile app. By 2023, a digital subscription model emerged, marking a milestone alongside the re-opening of our MML lab.

Our Team

Our dedicated team, though modestly sized, embodies a wealth of expertise across varied domains. From economics and human kinetics to data science, machine learning, physiotherapy, and IT, each member contributes a unique proficiency crucial to our success. Despite being an early-stage startup, our collective knowledge in business and management forms the backbone of Mobile Motion Lab’s journey. The synergy within the team ensures that our multifaceted competences seamlessly integrate, propelling the development and implementation of our innovative solutions. Each team member, equipped with their distinct skill set, plays a pivotal role in steering the company toward success.

Redesigning the well-being paradigm: Holistic Solutions, Every Movement, Every Practitioner.