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Mobile Motion Lab is a decision support software to provide rehabilitation experts with dynamic, functional analysis of the lower limbs.

It is the quickest, easiest and most flexible motion analysis.

Dynamic examination

Unlike most medical examinations, MML provides information on the human body in motion.

Quick and simple

No preparation, works with one single sensor.
The whole examination takes only a few minutes.


MML brings professional walking analysis to any medical center or sport facility. Only a treadmill and a compatible wearable device are required.

Our clients say

„MML is a new approach in functional examination. It provides useful additional information, as it is describing the condition of the human body in motion.”
Éva Bodnár, M.D.
„Innovative solution, with documented, fact based results about the musculosceletal condition of the patient. It is easy to adapt to my own examination procedure.”
Barbara Pintér, M.D.
„MML provided me with holistic assessment of the condition of my patients. It is great help to track the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.”
Ildikó Vásárhelyi-Nagy, Physiotherapist

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